Friday, September 01, 2006

No debate

I spent ten minutes watching the Jim Lehrer news report on the last day of August, and I almost gave myself an aneurysm doing so. Debating the Presidents shit talk of the same day, was a half-wit blond representative from Tennessee and a chokingly inarticulate democrat from Massachusetts. Lehrer looked almost stunned as he tried to pull something viable from two denizens of the spinning hell which is Washington. There is no real debate going on about what we are doing in Iraq, because what we are doing in Iraq amounts to nothing. Talk of terrorists has become so facile and reactionary that real questions about what behavior identifies one as a terrorist and what are the real legitimate aims of this great nation are buried like the bodies of 9/11 under a steaming mass of broken capitalism.

Given the way terrorists are defined these days I am sure that the Native American fighters of the 17th-19th centuries deserved their “savage” nomenclature. And if you do stop to think about it for a second you know that us Enlightenment following Europeans have systematically gone about making new batches of Indians to demonize in the process of populating the hell of our own creation which exists to justify our hateful religion of choice. Not to knock believers, but Christianity of the lower order runs on certainty and fear. Without hell I’m not sure it could even exist. And this is precisely the point our beloved W is making in idiot code. We must see the other as the evil enemy of the past. No debate is necessary. We are soldiers of Christ, not a bunch of damn hippies. Hoo rah!

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