Friday, September 15, 2006

Beautiful Hate

A winsome demon approached me and told me that she had a bargain I’d be interested in. She said that I could have anything I wanted in the world as long as my anger never superseded her own. Now that sounded like a pretty good deal. If you had seen her you would have taken less time than I did to say yes. Did I tell you that she lived in this world?

Years later and I’m still keeping up my end of the bargain. But don’t think that it’s easy, letting a vision have its way with you. Sometimes, a lot of times, more frequently it would seem, I’d like to have the most beautiful hate. I know that sounds selfish. Every time I get pissed off and start stomping around the demon will remind me with a quick wolfish gesture that I’d better not go to that place where I believe I’ve got a handle on the order of things. Be patient. Good things come to those that wait. Now I know who said that and it ain’t helping. I wonder what all of us who are holding our hate back are waiting for. Shoes are dropping everywhere folks and we are just waiting.

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ibfamous said...

as the bible tell us in leviticus 18:22 or something, "beat that bitch with a stick and do what the lord tells ya to do ya big pussy." or something like that... facts get a little fuzzy when i'm possessed with this righteous anger.