Friday, December 14, 2007

In Real Life there's Beer

I've been back to emailing semi-public figures, like newspaper columnists and radio program directors. Its part of my get-back-to-work-changing-the-world-self-improvement-plan. If I can get the dumbshit at the local rock station to play something deeper in Queens of the Stone Age's catalog then their four attempts and making a pop song that idiots can understand and will buy while still maintaining the QOTSA brand quality, perhaps I can show today's young-uns and the corporate spew that manipulates them that better things exist under the surface of our shiny dumb world.

I wrote this nasty screed to a local baseball writer about one of his stupid polemics:


If you could take a drug that would triple your salary and wasn't tested for and many of your co-workers were taking and getting all the promotions you wouldn't? What if you lost your job because you didn't take the juice? You'd rather lose your job because you are pure as the driven snow, we all know that. Add to this scenario the fact your management winked and looked the other way while this was going on. Yeah, its the selfish players, nothing more.

Why not a paragraph or two on the owners? Scared Moores will send your column back to you wrapped around a dead fish? George Mitchell's a chump. He's on the boards of the Red Sox and the Disney Company, who own ESPN who shushed Joe Morgan back in the 90's when he wanted to comment on what he saw happening on the field that reeked of steroid use. The report is bait and switch. The players are idiots, but the owners are the bigger problem.

Do your homework. And see the big picture. Its about the 6 Billion brought in this year, and the drugged up bums they use to sell their bs product to the fans. It bugs me that you still haven't learned the biggest perfidy comes from the biggest money.

As you can see, I am just a big freaking help. I am trying. It helps to know that I am paying attention to reality even in my present delirious state. We are all so valuable. God loves us all!