Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Call the Police

I remember one time driving down the hill from Valley Center to Escondido, I ended up behind one very drunk asshole who managed to bang up against the J-wall as we came down Bear Valley Parkway and then, on the streets of Escondido, he almost ran over a woman pushing her laundry across the street. With my wife and kids in the car, I followed him and when he stopped in the middle of the freaking street near his house, I knocked on the door and talked some homeowner into letting me use their phone to call the police. They showed quickly and I pointed out the drunken dope that was still in his car. They arrested him, thanked me and I figured that I had done the right thing.

A cop ended up shooting Charger linebacker Steve Foley the other night. And among the things he didn’t do was call for backup. That the cop was off-duty, in an unmarked car and not in uniform only add to the smell associated with this event. The local media, a bunch of pathetic whiteboy asskissers, can only say that Foley has a history of alcohol abuse and that the car he was in was weaving. He wasn’t the driver, rather it was a female passenger. The DA just dropped a case filed against him in April alleging public intoxication, resisting arrest and battery of a police officer. The team has suspended Foley without pay for the season, essentially saving 775,000 bucks and they could ask for an 875,000 dollar signing bonus to be returned. His teammates are pissed of course, and we are not going to know for a long time what really happened at 3:30 in the morning. Suffice is to say is that the cop, one Aaron Mansker, should be asked if he too was drinking.

Foley will be out for the season with three gunshot wounds. The Chargers have a bevy of linebackers, one of which they planned on dumping (Donnie Edwards) who they now will have to consider keeping. What pisses me off is the way the local press always likes to make sure the cop’s side of the story is what drives the narrative. What the Union-Tribune hasn’t noticed is that the cops have been running the show in this town and in this red country for far too long. How about hiring a black sportswriter or two?

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