Friday, February 15, 2008

More crazy dreams

Last night was a doozy. It started off with myself as a boy, say 11, and I had this crush on this girl, say 15. We lived in this little town dominated by a round-about, and I remember seeing her riding with her mom in a Mercedes. I was in a car with my mom (dream mom not really my mom) too and I saw her and we were both wearing sunglasses. We gave each other some sort of little secret sign, acknowledgement from car to car as it seemed that our moms didn’t want us together.

From this situation I was sent to some sort of new school, not the regular school where I met this girl maybe but a new school just on the outskirts of town. It was like a business park kinda, the entrance was all glass doors in a glass wall and the seats in the class were in two or three rows about ten each facing the teacher so that our backs were to the door. I went somewhere, maybe the bathroom, and this new kid comes in. He’s a black kid and while he’s kid sized and he comes in and sits in a vacant seat in the front row he’s clearly older, experienced, even jaded. He was sweating I think and he asks/ gets up to go to the bathroom and the teacher says, “the police will always go after you first” something like that. It was bigoted for her to say this and it pissed him off. So I go back into the row behind him and he disappears to the bathroom but he leaves his backpack and out of that come this reptilian/ marine serpent snake monster creatures who proceed to kill like 6 students. I remember lying on the floor while the attack took place, and I really didn’t see the violence. Just felt something creepy on my neck.

Next time I come to class I’m delivered by a really long limo and before I get out these employees of my mom jump out, armed, looking for the monsters and searching the room to make sure all is safe for me. I guess I’m sorta a golden boy. Anyway, the room is pretty large and a large part of it is given over to this kinda organic area, like giant leaves or pods shaped like Pringles that the employees begin to pull apart looking for the poison serpent disc shaped monsters. What they find is a deer-like creature, with a really bizarre head like an American Indian totem creature and they drop this little marble ball into its mouth which falls into its sea-like belly, there may have even been a small explosion at this point. From here my perspective goes all “Fantastic Journey” with me and some other co-pilot searching in our little submarine for the creatures. We find one and shoot some darts, which penetrate and explode in a creature which is flat and disc-like. It then becomes apparent that this might not be the greatest decision on our part as the creature has a mother and she’s gigantic and now maybe a bit pissed at us. Then I wake up.

The night before had a disc theme too. What I remember was that I had to pee and so I started pissing in this rather deep toilet and there was some stuff on the sides so I started to use my stream to clean off the imperfections. As I turned from one side of the bowl to the other my stream got stronger and stronger until I became like furious and I began to dissolve from the feet up. I do believe my wife was around to witness this. From this point space aliens in a gigantic disc vehicle absorbed me into their craft and soon after we came hurtling back to ear, with my wife running to get out of the way of the impending impact. The disc hit the ground on edge and then I woke up.

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