Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Win or lose?

I figure there are two ways to look at this election victory for the Democrats. Either they won the requisite number of seats to take over the House and we can hope, the Senate, or the Republicans lost those aforementioned seats. There is a difference. If the Dems continue to futz about and base their party's platform on shapeless and ill-defined policies, we may just get another damn Republican President in 2008. Bush will not get away with attacking Iran now, and he may find that by making nice and listening to some reason, the world isn't half as scary as he'd like us all to believe. It could be an interesting two years. I think that it is going to be better, even if it still sucks. Suck lite I suppose.

There was an interesting article in the Nation the other day pointing out that fundamentalists are just as likely as anyone else to vote Democratic. That's because the black folks tend to gravitate to the four square type of church and they also tend to avoid voting Republican. Its time for the secular yuppies to get of their high horses and stop yapping about dumb religion ruining everything great about America. Religion has its problems. But selfishness is an equal opportunity fuck-up. The day I see someone sacrifice their Hummer in a fiery display of martyrdom (kinda goes against fighting global warming but it would make the news I bet) is the day we reach a tipping point in civility in the culture war. It's time to go met the neighbors, even if they are certain Jesus walked on the water.

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ibfamous said...

the certainty of truth is the greatest evil the world will ever face