Tuesday, August 08, 2006


This fellow up in the Bay Area, John Perata called a bunch of folks down here in San Diego (anti-immigrant folks) “a bunch of crackers” and it seems to have caused a minor stir. Thing of it is, how do you characterize folks who are ignorant, hateful, and loud? If not “cracker” then what pejorative would be more sublime? Assholes? Too generic. Fuckwits? Better, but still lacking something. It needs to be more regional, hopefully something that could be tied directly to America’s finest city. I’m not saying I have any answer here. Diegans are a pretty mixed bunch but the military history of this town has left us with a cancerous root in ugly Americanism. Diego=Go-die.

The media has it that there are shitheads in every group, and they measure up every event through the lens of a false objectivity. Therefore Cracker is to whites as Nigger is to blacks, although no self-respecting white person sees it that way. A recent political cartoon on the UT’s editorial page suggested that the Israeli response to Hezbollah was the equivalent (morally?) to the US response to the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor. Proportionally that is, it is proportional to be disproportional. If anyone tells you that it was morally understandable to nuke Hiroshima, they are a moral imbecile. You can make arguments about the reasons why we dropped the bomb, and they are never easy to understand unless you are a cracker but there are no moral reasons for dropping the bomb that stands rational support unless you are basically a racist fuckwit. This is also true for the bombing in Lebanon. As for the rockets of Hezbollah, two wrongs don’t make a right. However, proportionally, the two wrongs aren’t the same. Israel will become moral the second they start losing. We are no different I’m afraid.


ibfamous said...

Being not only from the south, but from the deep-south, I can translate a bit. Crackers are dumb-ass whites from Georgia or Northern Florida. The rest of us are red-necks, racist and republicans.

What you allude to in Diego – military who forgot to leave – are ‘our best and brightest.’ It would seem that I’m the only one who – and remember I speak with some authority – is willing to say that ‘no one is in the military is there because they’re too smart.’

Maybe you should refer to your border bigots as ‘the best and brightest’ to stay aligned with the ‘America’s finest city’ theme.

Hiroshima, on my worst days, I can see it as a statement against future war and grudgingly allow it as legitimate. However, Nagasaki was the single greatest act of terrorism the world has ever known. We should still be ashamed.

As far as Israel’s tactics go, they’re only walking the path we – the US – paved for them. If you doubt this then explain our UN ambassador’s statement that “…there is no moral equivalent to the death of a Lebanese citizen and the death of an Israeli citizen.”

ibfamous said...
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