Friday, July 28, 2006

A Modest Proposal: Peace

“If we could just join hands , , ,”

More killing or less, which way should we go? I’ve been drifting between making a modest proposal and singing “give peace a chance.” At this moment, it’s pretty clear that the former is the way of the world and nothing in our shitheaded moral universe is going to change that. Unless the fucking Republicans are thrown out of the majority this fall, killing is going to be a growth industry for the foreseeable future. And Fox News is going to make it sound sensible to middle half-witted Americans and their sympathizers in the churches of holy self-righteous gas-guzzling fuckwits that pollute the sight-lines of rationality across our fair land. And if you think this is an endorsement of the Democratic Party, pass me the crack pipe.

The damage report for Lebanon is a fun first place to start thinking about this killing spree. No doubt the officers in the IDF who did such a good job prior to the kidnapping of their charges will probably get demoted or something tough, but any fool in this country who thinks Israel invaded because of those missing soldiers is just a cow looking at a pile of alfalfa waiting for fun in a charnel house. There is one possible upside to this invasion. Hezbollah will do something that we certainly can’t: unite Shiites and Sunnis in hate against Israel and their arms suppliers which you may have a clue to as long as you haven’t been staring at that steaming hay for too long.

Ah, this is an evil screed. Get out Physical Graffiti, cue to “The Rover.” Stop the madness. Get me a Boddington’s . . .

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ibfamous said...

Hard to pick a side here… do I go with the group whose sole purpose, who will use any vile manner or excuse to destroy a country which receives billion dollar payments – my tax dollars – to keep it artificially viable under the pretense that it is a democracy.

Or do I go with the country which won its real estate through a series of terrorist actions – Google “barrel bombs” “wedding” and “hotel” – and the aforementioned armament based on ownership to said land which is only documented in a book they wrote. A book where characters get their marching orders from a talking fires, people live well beyond 800 years and the main character – introduced in the second act, also known a the “loophole section” – has a life story that parallels Hercules and who, it seems, can’t be killed.

Once again I am tasked – not with the choice between the lesser of two evils – but with the evil of two lessers.