Monday, October 16, 2006


One thing that makes me sick with anger is poaching. Not the killing animals without a license type. I'm speaking about car behavior. People who are always trying to get one more foolish space ahead in their race to be in front of somebody they don't even know. They don't leave a space to merge into when they clearly see that you need to get over. They pull into the lane that must exit because it is moving faster than the rest of the freeway and then they muscle in at the last second back into the main artery so they can poach 5 or 10 or even 3 spaces. They park in places that are attached to a particular business a take that space away all day so that people who might actually need to get into that business have to hunt for a space farther away. You could probably add to my little list. And you could probably add other public behaviors that qualify. We could probably agree that it is an ethos of the age.

Its not just selfishness that makes me want to get some sort of weapon (non-lethal, of course!) and put it to them right where it grinds a hole in their panties. It's the willful disregard mixed into a slothful inattentiveness that makes me consider going berzerk. We all should be fanned a little room to be stupid. We all do selfish things that if we had a chance to contemplate them minus the swirling miasma of the average inertial shitstorm which defines "normal" city behavior we might not so readily acceed to. But don't cry if somebody decides to crap in your gruel. I know its possible that I deserve something back for my ignorance that is not pleasant. I just wish some of these poaching cows get tipped over today.


ibfamous said...

for me it's that person who purposely takes two spaces so no one dings their new car. it usually a hummer or some other galaxy sized vehicle they've just purchased and worry endlessly about that first scratch or scrap. i'm not proud of it but i have taken to alleviating them of this endless suffering with the pocket knife on my key ring. easy enough, now they can worry about more important things like why everyone isn't always kissing their asses.

VSK said...

What bugs me are the trash throwers, especially cigarette butts. What total rudeness! These people seem to have a complete disregard for the world around them (or maybe it is contempt). They don't want to trash up their car, but have no qualms about trashing my environment! I challenged a co-worker once when she discarded a drink cup in the Costco parking lot. Her response was that she was giving the employees there something to do. Wrong-headed! In most cases there are trash receptacles available, one might have to walk a few yards though. Or just ferry the trash home to be deposited in the garbage. Ugh! And those who through out lit butts, in Southern California, or any area with dry, flammable plant material along the roadsides, wow are they ignorant or what!